MONDAY, MAY 8, 2017
7:00 P.M.

3310 North New Braunfels
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PROGRAM:  “Soil Improvement”,  by Kate Ramdomski

Rarely is the native soil what we want or need in our gardens, which means that it must be replaced or amended to make a productive gardening soil.  There are lots of products that could be used to amend our soils to make them more useful.

Kate Radomski is the Brand Manager for Texas’ own Lady Bug Natural Brand and a Bexar County Master Gardener. She was probably at one point also the kid at that garden center who accidentally sprayed you with a hose.  Kate will teach you how to properly amend and prepare our terrible San Antonio soil using all-natural, local products, so that you can have the most productive garden and healthiest landscape yet!

A good, healthy soil is perhaps the most important ingredient in having a healthy, successful garden experience.  It is your foundation and the “building block” to having a viable garden.  It is also probably your biggest investment in building a successful garden.  So, it is the one thing you want to get right, from the beginning. 

Come and hear the secrets from a product manager……

NEW MEMBERS ~ An Essential By-Product of Ways & Means

For about 25 years, we have had a viable Ways & Means Program in which we have established a mutually beneficial partnership with local nurseries and horticultural suppliers.  We do a seminar in their nursery, or just assist “rose customers” in an informal one-on-one question and answer interaction.  In return, the business provides a substantial donation to our Rose Society.  Ways & Means is the backbone of our financial well-being.

Equally important, however, is the recruiting of new members through the exposure provided by the Ways & Means projects.  Regrettably, each year we find it necessary to drop about 25-30 members who elect not to pay their membership dues.  This year, directly from our Ways & Means projects, we have added 35 new members to our roll.  Being actively involved with our partners is profitable, in more ways than one.

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