MONDAY, November 12, 2018
7:00 P.M.

San Antonio Garden Center
3310 North New Braunfels
San Antonio, Texas

PROGRAM: Reproducing Roses, by Cuttings.

From time to time, most all rose growers have an interest in “making more roses”.   The simplest method to reproduce roses is by cuttings.   We will have a panel of rosarians who will demonstrate the techniques they use to reproduce roses by cuttings.   The panel will consist of: Emilia Collins, Nettie Sandoval, and Ed Bradley.


As I hope everyone knows by now, our Fall Rose Show is scheduled for Saturday, October 27th.  We are dedicated and determined to have a Rose Show, because it is important to the current and future well-being of our Society.  We need new exhibitors and more exhibitors.  We now have 3 types of exhibitors.  We have the “senior exhibitors” who are fading fast, who need to pass their knowledge and desire on to others.  We have the Mid-level exhibitor who has some experience and some exhibition roses.  We need to increase their experience and increase the exhibition type roses they grow.  Then, we have the Novice or new exhibitors with little or no experience.  We need to persuade the latter 2 groups to really get into exhibiting.

We have added 6 classes for young people, ages 3 – 10.  This is an effort to encourage the children of our members to become interested in growing and exhibiting roses, and strengthen family relationships.

Murray & Donna have committed to hosting a Saturday Exhibitor’s Workshop, on October 13th, where individual demonstrations and detailed instructions can and will be provided.  In addition all of our Consulting Rosarians (CRs) are available to assist as needed with your rose culture so that you will have exhibition blooms to exhibit. 

The rest is up to you.  As we’ve said before, we all started as beginners.  Exhibiting roses is not that hard and should not be intimidating.  It is a lot of fun – especially the winning part.  In our show, the entries by Novice exhibitors will be judged separately from those entries made by experienced exhibitors.  So, you will be competing on a common ground.

Through the above means, we hope to attract new exhibitors and encourage current exhibitors to expand their level of knowledge and participation.