JULY 9TH, 2018
AUGUST 13TH, 2018

7:00 P.M.

3310 North New Braunfels
San Antonio, Texas

PROGRAM:  July Ice Cream Social & SARS 57th Birthday Celebration

Our July meeting is usually the best – no program, no business – just a relaxing evening with good friends, good food, and good fun.  We will celebrate our 57th Anniversary with an assortment of ice cream and a birthday cake.

We will combine all of this with a rose flea-market of sorts.  We call it a “Bake & Bring & Buy” event - bring something to sell, and buy something to take home.  Items do not have to be of a rose nature, but can be any nice items, such as gifts, decorations, crafts, tools, books, etc.  This year, we are expanding it to include baked goods (cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, etc.).  What you bring should be good quality stuff.  All items will be sold as a silent auction, while you are enjoying your ice cream and cake.  The Society furnishes the cake, and members bring the ice cream.  Bring money or your checkbook to purchase some real bargains.  All proceeds will go into our treasury and will be used to help defray our general operating costs.

 Come to the July meeting ~ for fun, ice cream, cake,
and shopping ~ an unbeatable combination !!

AUGUST 13TH, 2018

PROGRAM:  “Mass Producing Compost”, by New Earth

We are continually recommending the use of compost in our rose soils and as a mulch on our rose beds.  We are fortunate in San Antonio to have several reputable “horticultural suppliers” from whom we can obtain compost in bulk or in convenient bags.  One of those suppliers is New Earth Soils & Compost.  Compost is the basis for most of the products at New Earth.  To make the compost, different kinds of manure, wood wastes, and beer and soft drink wastes are combined.  With the help of billions of microbes, these ingredients are composted to yield a product which is rich in microbes, organic matter, humus and nutrients. 

We are fortunate to have Adam Leija and members of the New Earth staff to explain the composting process, from start to finish.  Located on 115 acres on Interstate 10, just east of San Antonio, New Earth has one of the largest and finest compositing facilities in the country.  Come to learn – bring your questions.

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