Rose Care Information


Rose pruning and care 101

How to prune Roses with Holly Hodgins


"The Yellow Leaves of Roses - Part I (or Early Autumn Color)"

"The Yellow Leaves of Roses - Part II (Nutritional Deficiencies)"

"Bed Building and Watering Systems"

Bill Clark's take on proper bed building and watering systems.

"Blind Shoots - Up Close and Personal"

What are blind shoots and what to do with them.

"Gardener's Alert - Chilli Thrips"

This article was written a few years ago but is still very appropriate today.


Adapted from Environmental Bulletin, Texas Water Commission, edited by Ed Bradley.

"Growing Roses in Containers"

Why would you want to grow roses in containers and how to go about it.

"Extending the Life of Cut Roses"

Do you want your flowers to last longer? To get the most of your blooms follow these wonderful tips.

"The Art of Finger Pruning"

The finger pruning guide.

"The March of Death in the Rose Garden"

Learn how to cull non-productive roses from your garden.


What is scale? How to identify it and if I should get rid of it, what do I use.


What is the right soil mixture to grow that perfect rose bush.


All about Roses (ARS)

The AARS Home Page contains some history of the rose, gardening tips and roses that have been selected over the years that have won the distinction of "AARS".

Baldo's Bug Page

Baldo Villegas, a California entomologist who loves roses, provides valuable information on rose pests and diseases. If you expect to see beautiful roses here, forget it. You better go to another website. Every rose illustrated in this website will have a problem.

Help Me Find Roses

A site devoted to roses and all that is rose related, including selecting, buying, breeding, caring for and exhibiting. 

Plant Answers

A site presented by "Texas Cooperative Extension Horticulture, The Texas A&M University System.

Rose Forum

This forum is meant for the discussion of roses--how to care for them, recommendations for selections, sources for plants, etc. Associated with GardenWeb.

Rose Magazine

Articles on Roses, gardening information, rose forum, rose chat and rose catalog. Gardening tips for all types of roses.

Avas Flowers

An Informational Flower Guide About the Rose.

Fragrance X Library

All About Rose Gardening.

Consulting Rosarians List

Consulting Rosarians are experienced rose growers who have demonstrated their knowledge of rose culture and are certified by the American Rose Society. If you have any questions, either about growing roses or about the San Antonio Rose Society, these friendly folks are always willing to answer your questions. Feel free to contact one of them who lives in your area.

Click to find a Rosarian

"How to Grow Roses" Guide

Order our comprehensive guide on "How to Grow Roses" in our area, which includes the following topics:
Rose Selections, Summer Care of Roses, Rose Bed Preparation, Winter Care of Roses, Planting Bare-root Roses, Disease and Insects, Planting Potted Roses, Common Rose Problems, Feeding and Spraying, Glossary, Mulching, Rose Calendar, Pruning, Area Consulting Rosarians,

PLEASE NOTE: This booklet is provided with membership into our society, but should you wish to order just the booklet for $4.00 (includes shipping and handling), please download and please submit the order form by mail.

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