President Meg Ware 210-654-1263
Vice President Father Gregory Ross
Vice President Holly Hodgins 210-257-5793
Membership Chair Rebecca Kretzer 210-363-8684
Rose Show Chairman David Koch 210-834-8181
Ways & Means Chair Jim Koch
Treasurer Jo Ann Bradley 210-658-8074
Secretary Jamie Elliott 210-303-4243

Appointed Positions

Garden Center Rep Alva Cardenas 210-733-6841
Publicity Father Greg Ross 210-216-6539
Facebook Monitor Melissa Birkhead Welsh
Prizes & Awards Jo Ann Bradley 210-658-8074
Chair, Consulting Rosarians Meg Ware 210-394-5634
Hospitality Nettie and John Sandoval 210-682-0885
Newsletter Editor Jamie Elliott 210-303-4243
Website & Digital Media Wes Elliott

Consulting Rosarians List

Consulting Rosarians are experienced rose growers who have demonstrated their knowledge of rose culture and are certified by the American Rose Society. If you have any questions, either about growing roses or about the San Antonio Rose Society, these friendly folks are always willing to answer your questions. Feel free to contact one of them who lives in your area.

Universal City Ed Bradley 210-658-8074
West San Antonio David Koch 210-834-8181
Fair Oaks Ranch Meg Ware 210-394-5634
Northwest San Antonio Holly Hodgins 210-257-5793
Northwest San Antonio Randy Hodgins 210-257-5793
North Central San Antonio Murray Warner 210-313-3371
Spring Branch/Hill Country Holly Hagy 310-569-7090